Dr. Henderson And Dr. Hisataka Visit Reitaku University

Dr. Histaka, Chancellor of Karatedo University (L), and Dr. Henderson, Dean of the Academic Faculty (R) recently visited the Institute of Moralogy at Reitaku University in Tokyo, Japan. They meet with Administrators and Professors concerning the study of Moralogy and Ethics. The University was created by Mr. Chikuro Hiroike.

Karatedo University Opens

It is with great pleasure that the governing Board of Karatedo university represented by Dr. Masayuki Kukan Hisataka, Chancellor of Karatedo Unviersity, declare the university open as of July, 2017. The start of programs at the university is a great achievement in the martial arts world. It represents the academic elevation of karatedo and martial arts study to that of university status.